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10 Skills You Need to Have as a Successful Product Marketing Manager & Product Marketer

The bullet points in this template utilize strong action verbs such as “launched”, “lead”, and “promoted” to emphasize their role in the highlighted activities. The bullets also clearly quantify the results achieved, such as “engagement growth 45% higher than average” and “increased conversions by 145%”. An efficient product marketing manager realises that their job duties may change daily. One day, you may be working and guiding your designers, and on another day, you may be working with your marketing team. You should have in-depth knowledge of social media marketing, digital marketing, demand generation, storytelling, and project management.

Marketing manager skills

Use a full arsenal of digital marketing tools, including Google AdWords and Facebook. Raise your marketing skill set to the next level by completing Udemy’s online marketing courses. That marketing managers should have at the ready when beginning any project. Marketing managers often have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, public relations or a related field.

Digital Marketing Job Description: Responsibilities and Skill Requirements

Create a single successful event or event-series with effective event promotion, planning, management, and monetization… Facilitated diverse market research projects to gather consumer insights. Coach and mentor staff in methodologies and consulting excellence and encourage best practices in project management and project planning. Provided broad strategic communications support for all members of the decentralized executive team.

Marketing manager skills

A good manager also has technical skills like simplifying complex projects by breaking them into actionable steps and writing a project objective. They must be able to communicate objections and then motivate executives to create a seamless experience. All tasks are online and have due dates so the digital marketing manager knows exactly what the deadline is. Tasks are visible through Slack and Workast, with notifications and reminders so no marketing tasks gets missed. The role of the digital marketing manager is varied and exciting, with plenty of responsibility.

What Is Lifecycle Marketing?

Marketing manager resume sample will help you to better understand a structure. However, in some cases, a marketing manager can be responsible not for the entire department but for a separate brand or product. You can usually count on having weekends and holidays off, but some additional hours can be required when a problem arises or the company is facing a particular challenge. The most highly paid marketing managers work in professional, technical, and scientific services. Approximately 218,300 marketing managers were employed in the U.S. in 2016.

If you want to skip straight to the must-have skills, use the clickable menu to navigate to section two. If you want easy recruiting from a global pool of skilled candidates, we’re here Marketing manager job to help. Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and prepared for impactful careers in tech. I enjoyed the sales stage, as it seemed professional, attentive and not too pushy.

Most Important Marketing Manager Skills According To Experts

Since marketing managers benefit from having skills like digital marketing, marketing campaigns, and project management, we found courses that will help you improve these skills. Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing is one such training program. Marketing managers are responsible for establishing and maintaining a company’s marketing strategies and campaigns. Marketing managers can be found across industries and work in a variety of mediums ranging from digital to print to media.

  • Product marketing is not only about delivering a message to consumers about new products.
  • Execute marketing strategy and the execution of plans for existing products.
  • With 4.48 billion people owning social media accounts, it’s exceptionally beneficial for any company to concentrate at least some marketing efforts on a social media strategy.
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As marketing is a diverse area, it is common for some marketing managers to specialize in one area. Marketing managers are also responsible for teaching their employees campaign-specific marketing strategies. They should expand their workforce by bringing on new members, each carefully vetted to ensure that they’ll be able to deliver on the company’s strategic objectives. As a team, they work together, inspiring each other and distributing responsibilities. Design and execute comprehensive marketing plans through channels such as social media, search, email, and paid advertising.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

It’s arguably even more crucial to show them that you care and understand as much as they do. Product Managers, working closely with you, will chunk that solution into various projects and iterations that will eventually turn into a tangible solution in the form of a new feature or service. As a Product Marketing Manager, you’re often asked to do the exact same thing, your customers, and not your clients, often come to you with vague problems that they want you to help solve. I’m sure many Account Managers have experienced being approached by their client with an urgent, and oftentimes vague, request for support with a time-sensitive project. Majority of the marketers are aware of the fact that they can get enhanced sharing by using visuals.

Marketing manager skills

That can include early stages of development, as well as bringing the product to market. It would help if you devised strategies that get a product from initial standing to optimum performance or appeal. Product marketing is not only about delivering a message to consumers about new products. It’s about knowing what the market wants or needs, or in some cases, convincing them of what they need. It can also be about shaping a product in development to meet those needs. We reached out to the product marketing community to see what skills they thought were absolutely essential for every product marketer to have.

Letting your teams know what needs to be done and give them a clearer sense of purpose. When they have a series of tasks to undertake and know required timelines, productivity is likely to increase, reducing some of the burdens on you. Leadership can also, depending on the structure of the business, be a lonely role. While you may collaborate closely with several teams or staff members, there is always a feeling of not quite being one of the team.

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Port Townsend adds communications, marketing manager.

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